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  Book Vouchers for Winning Teams
Champion (One)
- Book Vouchers HK$12,000
- A trophy
First Runner-up (One)
- Book Vouchers HK$8,000
- A trophy
Second Runner-up (Two)
- Book Vouchers HK$4,000
- A trophy

  Best Debater (1 in each competition)
Grand Final
- A trophy
- A Certificate of merit*
Preliminaries to Semi Final
- A Certificate of merit*

  Best Interrogative Debater (1 in each competition, from Preliminaries to Quarter Final)
Preliminaries and the Quarter Final
- A Certificate of merit*

* All winners from Preliminary to Semi-Final will receive the certificates by post to their schools in June 2024.

  Most Outstanding Debater Award (3 winners in each section)
  1. The award will be presented to the three students who win the most number of 'Best Debater' and 'Best Interrogative Debater' awards from the first preliminary round to the semi-final.
  2. The award will be presented only to the debaters who did not make it to the Grand Final as recognition for their outstanding performances in the previous rounds.
  3. The award will be presented to three debaters from the Chinese section and three from the English section. If more than three debaters in a section qualify for the awards, the debaters with the three highest scores total of previous rounds will be given the awards.
  4. A Certificate of merit will be awarded to the winning schools at the Grand Final.

  Most Improved School Award (a maximum of 5 winning teams in each section)
  1. Competition teams which have participated both last year and this year:
  2. English and Chinese sections will be assessed separately. There will be a maximum of 5 winning teams in each section.
  3. The result will be calculated based on the most number of competition sessions won in current year (39th competition) versus last year's competition(38th) .
  4. In case there are more than 5 winning teams with the most number of debate winnings, the competition result of this year will also be evaluated. The schools with more winnings this year will be further shortlisted. Thus, the awarded schools will not be more than 5.
  5. The debate champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up will no longer be considered for the said award in order to give other schools a chance to be recognized for their debate efforts and time for fully participating for this year.
  6. For those contests involving withdrawal or absent of opponent team, the result will not be counted.
  7. The winning team(s) will be notified individually after the Semi Final. The Awards will be presented to the winning team(s) at the Grand Final.

  Best Motion Award (1 winner in each section)
  1. Open for all schools, students and the public to participate. The entries will be divided into Chinese and English section.
  2. Participants can submit a maximum of 4 motions at one time for either English or Chinese section.
  3. Participants can submit their 'Suggest Motions' online for preliminary rounds to Semi Final (on or before 25 March 2024).
  4. All motions suggested in the online enrollment forms by the debating teams are also considered for the said award. The debating teams are also welcome to suggest more motions.
  5. Assessment for the ‘Best Motion Award’ is based on the following judging criteria:
    - Debatabilty
    - Topicality and news worthiness
    - Value to Liberal Studies learning
  6. Participants may choose to elaborate each of their suggest motions according to the judging criteria in not more than 200 words.
  7. All short-listed motions will be assessed by the judging panel, including representatives from the editorial boards of Sing Tao Daily and The Standard, and advisory committee members.
  8. There will be two winners for the 'Best Motion Award'. One for Chinese section and one for English section.
  9. Certificates will be awarded to the winners.